Singapore Taxi Travel: A Complete Guide for Getting Around by Cab

Singapore’s taxi network is crucial to the city’s transportation landscape, offering a convenient and relatively affordable way to get around. This guide will provide all the essential information about utilizing taxis in Singapore, ensuring your travels are hassle-free and enjoyable.

Abundance of Taxis: Availability and Accessibility

Singapore’s streets are teeming with taxis, a testament to the city’s commitment to accessible transportation. This abundance generally makes hailing a taxi straightforward, though there are exceptions. Finding a taxi can be challenging during night-time, storms, or peak hours. In such cases, it’s advisable to head to the nearest taxi rank, typically at hotels and malls. In the downtown area, queuing for a taxi is usually mandatory, although some drivers might bend this rule in less busy areas after dark.

Booking a Taxi: Options and Fees

For those preferring to book a taxi, a call fee of at least $2.50 is applicable, or $8 for booking a vehicle at a specific time. You can dial 6342 5222 for a central booking line that represents all taxi operators or contact individual firms like Comfort/CityCab (6552 1111), Premier Taxi (6363 6888), or SMRT Taxis (6555 8888).

Identifying Taxis and Fares

Taxis in Singapore come in various colors but are easily identifiable with a clear “TAXI” sign and a display indicating their availability. Regular cabs start with a fare of $3 for the first kilometer, followed by 22 cents for every subsequent 400 meters. After 10 kilometers, a slightly lower tariff applies.

Surcharges to Note

Be mindful of surcharges: a 25% additional fee is levied during rush hours (Monday–Friday, 6–9.30 am & 6 pm–midnight; Saturday & Sunday, 6 pm–midnight), and a 50% extra charge from midnight to 6 am. Taxis starting from the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) zone downtown incur a $3 surcharge between 5 pm and midnight, plus the actual ERP charges. Additionally, journeys from Changi Airport have a $3 surcharge ($5 from Friday to Sunday, 5 pm–midnight), and trips from Sentosa incur a $3 surcharge.

Driver Communication and Special Indicators

While most Singaporean taxi drivers are friendly and honest, their English proficiency may vary. If traveling off the beaten track, having the address written down is helpful. Taxis displaying a “Changing shift” sign means the driver is either finishing their shift or a new driver is taking over, and they will only accept passengers en route to their destination.

Final Thoughts

Navigating Singapore by Taxi offers a blend of convenience and the opportunity to experience the city locally. Whether you’re rushing to a meeting or exploring hidden gems, taxis in Singapore provide a reliable and efficient means of travel.

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In summary, Singapore’s taxi service is integral to its vibrant urban tapestry, offering a flexible and often enjoyable way to navigate the city. Understanding the system, from fares to booking methods, empowers you to travel confidently and easily.